THANK YOU! We are excited to have you share your real estate experience and story.

Watch an example from our past clients -

Recording Tips.

You can record this at your home on your phone or on a computer web cam. If you don't have a recording program, you can download Zoom and record for free. If you are using your cell phone, please make sure to have the phone in the landscape mode or horizontal.


We want the videos to be authentic. Don't worry about an extra 'uhm' or a pause, that is normal. Just be yourself and have some fun. The best backgrounds are de-cluttered, bright and quiet. Life is busy, so if it's not perfect, don't sweat it, it's just fine!


You can do one continuous shot or you can do one question at a time and we can piece it together on our end, whatever is easiest for you. (Hint: you don't need to read the question out loud - we'll have it in text along the bottom when we put the video together).

What sparked your move?

How did you go about choosing your agent?

How was your buying or selling experience?

How would you rate your overall experience and outcome?

If you could sum up the experience in one word what would it be?

Uploading Videos.

When the video or videos are complete - simply upload them to our Google Drive -

Our team will compile the video and we'll send you a copy afterwards before adding it to our YouTube page and other social platforms.

Thank you for sharing your experience and story!