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Is Winter a Good Time to Move?
It's this time of year that everyones asking the same question... "Do people really buy or sell homes in the winter?" The answer is YES. What can you expect in a winter market as a buyer or seller right now between the holidays and before the new year? This week on The Real - Wausau Real Estate Show.
Assessments, Appraisals and Market Values... The Same or Different?
Why are there multiple values for my property... assessments, appraisals, market values ... seems confusing, right? Today, we're doing a quick recap from our assessments episode, tune in!
How to Leave a Property When Selling
As a buyer or seller you may ask how a property should be left prior to the closing... What does the offer say and what are some best practices for a smooth transition and closing.
Straight From the Assessor
With increasing real estate prices locally and nationally, you might be asking "How will this impact my property's assessed value?" ... Today we have Kurt Moeller, local assessor in Marathon County, answering that question, sharing valuable and tactical insight on assessments, and more. This episode is full of gold nuggets! Tune in.
"Hey Austin - What's the Market Like and What Do You Predict Is Ahead?"
I get this question a lot and now that we're going into the fall, it's helpful to assess where the market is at and analyze predictions for where the market is heading.
Things To Consider When Starting A Business
We have Kevin Ile back in the studio talking about the commercial side of the business and what to consider when starting a business in terms of getting a loan / financing.
All About Home Inspections
We're covering "Home Inspections" pretty heavily! If you've been following the past couple of episodes we've had Jeff Newman share some insight on home inspections. We're grateful to have him in the spotlight one more time as he brings everything full circle... tune in!
Preparing Your Home For An Inspection
Welcome to this week's episode! We're joined by Jeff Newman, Newman Home Inspections. Today, we're talking about how sellers can prepare their home for an inspection... Although an inspection is not a condition of all transactions, it's good to be prepared and educated. This episode is packed with tips directly from the source - tune in!
Commercial Lending - Guest Speaker Kevin Ile - Peoples State Bank
What is "Commercial" lending? In short, commercial lending can be used for anything of business use - businesses, rentals, you name it! Today we have Kevin talking about some of the similarities and differences of commercial vs residential lending.
Debunking a few Misconceptions about Home Inspections
Today we dive in and debunk a few home inspection misconceptions on The Real! Is a home inspection pass or fail? Does the municipality get a copy of a home inspection? Is a seller "required" to fix anything from a home inspection? Find out on the show! Jeff Newman Newman Home Inspections LLC (715) 432-2218 www.newmanhomeinspection.com
50th Podcast Special
Today marks the 50th episode... and Austin's in the "hot" seat. We're rewinding back to childhood, high school baseball days, college days at the UW Marathon County, local lawn care entrepreneurship... all leading up to a career in real estate and a peak into Austin's personal and professional journey. We hope you enjoy this week's episode.
Meet Our Special Guest & Team Member - Holly Hettinga
The age-old adage "it's tough to work with family" is it true? Today we're getting to know Holly, my sister, her background and how she got started with the group!
July Market Update 2021
The market is slowing slightly but prices remain high. More home options are available for buyers now than a few months prior. Sellers can still benefit from the high prices after the spring market set a new precedent for home prices. See what's happening in the market today on this week's episode of The Real Wausau Real Estate Show!
How to Buy a Foreclosure
This episode is a rerun from last summer with Justin Bates, Attorney with The Bates Legal Group. You're going to love this episode talking about how to buy a foreclosure and the tactical steps involved. Justin Bates, The Bates Legal Group (715) 843-5599 https://www.bateslegalgroup.com/
Tips for How To Invest In Real Estate
Today we have Joseph Ziolkowski back in the studio sharing some of his experience with flipping houses and the investment side of real estate. His team currently owns 22 units and is closing on another 24 in July, totaling 46 units. There is a lot to learn from Joe and his experience over the years.
The Power Couple - Allison & Dakota Karlen
This episode we are are joined by team members Dakota Karlen & Allison Karlen on The Real Wausau Real Estate Show! Today we dive into the story, the pre-real estate days, two Rookie of the Year Awards, where they are at now and where they are going! It's been awesome to be able to work alongside this power couple over the last few years and you'll love to hear their story here!
Meet Our Special Guest & Team Member - Joesph Ziolkowski
Today we're getting to know Joseph and how he got started with the group. Joseph has an interesting story on how he got started and what lead him to where he's at now...
Understanding the Wisconsin Offer to Purchase
Follow along and download the Offer to Purchase PDF: https://austinsolomon.com/portfolio/understanding-the-wisconsin-offer-to-purchase/
Just A Few Fun Real Estate Stories
How a simple courtesy text led to a family getting their dream home . . . . & check your piano brand before taking the hammer to it . . . fun stories on The Real!
Starting the Home Buying Journey
If you were to come to our office and say, "Austin, I'm a first-time home buyer and I'm looking to buy a home" OR "I'm a homeowner and am looking to move, can you walk me through the process?"... You're in the right place! That is what today's episode is all about.
What is an Escalation Clause?
Today we're talking about escalation clauses! The pros, the cons, when to use them as a buyer and what common mistakes I see when representing sellers... it's going to be an informative episode, we hope you tune in!
Thinking About Becoming An Agent?
With how busy the market has been you may be considering getting into the market... not to buy or sell but starting out as an agent. This episode is a re-run from one of our first month's episodes of Season 1 of The Real talking through: - Common questions that you’d probably think about when you’re starting out - Specific process to obtain your license - Day-to-day life of being an agent
How To Approach The Market in 2021
More of a non-traditional episode here! It's a tough market out there for buyers, sellers and agents alike. It's off to a busy start for 2021 and we're talking about how to approach the market in the season - it's like nothing we've ever seen before... Tune in to this week's episode of The Real - Wausau Real Estate show.
Does It Make Sense To Buy A Home Right Now?
Let’s be real, it’s a sellers market out there, prices are at historic highs, buyers are competing and paying $10K, $20K, $30K over asking price… Does it really make sense to buy right now? And why are there so many buyers in the market when everyone knows it’s a seller’s market? This week's episode... is one you don't want to miss! Contact The Solomon Group (715) 212-4693 | Listed by Coldwell Banker Action.
Are Buyers Really Waiving Home Inspections Right Now?
Look, the market is intense right now... there are very few homes on the market and when a good one comes up, it’s not uncommon to see 5-10 offers on that home. With that kind of competition, we are seeing buyers paying well over asking price, covering appraisal deficits and in a lot of cases, waiving home inspections. Do you have to waive an inspection to be competitive? Find out on this week's episode of The Real - Wausau Real Estate Show.
What Happens When An Appraisal Comes Back Low?
Welcome to this week's episode of The Real! Today we're talking about, 1.) What is an appraisal? 2.) What happens when an appraisal comes in low or less than the purchase price? 3.) How as a buyer or seller can you navigate through a low appraisal? All coming up on this week's episode, stay tuned!
How To Price A Home In 2021
You may be thinking, "How do I price a home in general? And what's the difference between the current market we're in today compared to past markets and past years?"
Can You Pay $20K Over Asking Price And Still Get A Good Deal?
Today we are joined by the one, the only, Joe Abadeer! For those of you who don't know, I record these podcasts over at A-Bad-Ear Studios with Joe Abadeer. We had to get him on one of these episodes sooner or later!
Top 3 Home Selling Tips for 2021
Hey everyone! It’s Austin Solomon, The Solomon Group over at Coldwell Banker. Thank you for joining us on this weeks episode of The Real - Wausau Real Estate Show. Today we're talking about the top three home selling tips for 2021. The number one tip is to... Listen on your favorite podcast app or on our website at: https://www.thesolomongroupwi.com/about/the-real-podcast/
When Is It Ok To Throw In A Low Ball Offer
Welcome to our second season of The Real! It’s Austin Solomon, The Solomon Group over at Coldwell Banker. Today we’re doing an interesting episode… When is it ok to throw in a low ball offer on a home? I get this question a lot and first you have to say, well... what is a low-ball offer? We don’t want to come in too low & we don’t want to insult the sellers - here are some aspects to consider! For more episodes of The Real , subscribe on your favorite podcast app!
Smile You're On Camera
I wanted to do something in regards to the increased use of cameras and home security systems, etc. and what that means for showings and sellers.
What is The Cost of Hiring A Buyers Agent
Today we’re talking about – Does it cost you anything to have a real estate agent help you buy a home? We get this question a lot and the short answer is no.
Getting Started in Investing in Real Estate
Today we are talking about getting started in investing in real estate… where to begin and some tips for the pros and cons of getting into investing.
3 Reasons to Buy During The Winter
Today we’re talking about 3 reasons to buy a home this winter, PLUS a bonus reason as well.
Observations of the Wausau Market
Today we’re talking about Austin’s observations of the Wausau real estate market. We are going to go rapid-fire here!
Price Per Square Foot
Today we’re talking about problems with price per square foot. Thank you for joining me on this week’s episode of The Real, problems with price per square foot, this is going to be a good one.
What are Zillow "Zestimates"
Today we’re talking about Zestimates! Z-estimates – the term that Zillow uses to estimate the value of a home!
We're Back! What Happened This Summer?
If you’ve been following me, you know the last episode was on June 12th, it is October 5th and we are back in the studio! I took a 3 or 4 month sabbatical from The Real.
Taking Title in Real Estate
Back by popular demand! Today we’re talking through title work and what it means to take title in real estate! We have Justin sharing his perspective on the different ways to take title and from my seat, where that takes place during the real estate transaction.
How to Buy a Foreclosure
You’re going to love this episode talking about how to buy a foreclosure and the tactical steps involved. I’m joined with Justin Bates, Attorney with The Bates Legal Group and we’re going to dive in! Strap in, this episode is going to blow your mind.
Land Contracts & Attorney Talks
The good, the bad, and the ugly truth about land contracts! Today we are joined by Attorney Justin Bates from the Bates Legal Group. Justin talks a lot on the legal perspective of land contracts and how you really need to know what you are doing when structuring this type of sale.
A 3 Month Overview of the Wausau Market Through the Pandemic
A THREE MONTH OVERVIEW OF THE WAUSAU MARKET THROUGH THE PANDEMIC & this weeks episode of The Real – we kept it real this week and included some bloopers . . . enjoy!
Why Drawing A Hard Line On Price May Not Be As Wise As You Think
I think it’s good to stick to a budget; however, I think there are other variables that go into purchasing a house and other variables that should be considered, other than just a maximum dollar amount or maximum price point.
What is a Bump Clause?
If you’re selling a house or buying a home, and if you’re going to use the approach of making an offer subject to your home selling, you’re going to want to know what a bump clause is.
Prorations in Real Estate
So when it comes to real estate, it’s not a fun topic, but it gets mixed up so much. It’s a new topic for a lot of people, so I thought I’d debunk what it is and how it affects the real estate space.
Unique Client Success Story
I’m just doing an impromptu episode, was feeling good, had a recent client success story and I thought I’d share the story about what happened. It was just kind of a unique scenario and it worked out pretty well. It was super great to work with this buyer and here’s the story.
All About Earnest Money
So, earnest money, what it is is good faith that a buyer is going to complete the terms of the offer. So when you make an offer on a house, traditionally you either attach earnest money or you say that you’re going to deliver it within a certain amount of time, and that could be 5-7 days.
Different Property Value Methods
There are all these types of different values and they kind of get mixed up sometimes. I know a lot of time we’re interacting with homeowners, there is a little bit of confusion around each one, which is fine, so I’m here to do a quick episode just to explain what each one means.
My Two Craziest Showings
It’s one like we haven’t done before. It’s a little more light-hearted and I hope this will make you smile and maybe provide a little bit of joy in your day.
What’s Happening In Our Marketplace Today?
Quite a few things have changed, even since the last episode. I hope this message finds everybody well and all are staying safe. But if you’re like me you’re probably a little bit anxious and a little bit uncertain on what’s going to happen. But it’s important to stay positive during this time.
Tips For Maximizing Your Home Sale
As an outline here, we’re talking about: 1) what you should consider when you’re preparing the home for the sale, 2) and we’re also going to dive into which items are going to give you the best “bang for your buck” or which things you should really focus on if you’re trying to maximize the sale price and maximize the returns.
3 Approaches to Buying and Selling
Today we’re talking about three approaches to moving from your current home to your next house. So whether you’re downsizing or looking for your forever house, or relocating to another area, if you own a home now and are looking to buy another, there’s really three approaches you have to consider.
Local Wausau Insights and Home Buyer Programs with Chris Schock
Hey everybody! It’s Austin Solomon and today I’m joined by Chris Schock from the City of Wausau on this episode of The Real, Wausau Real Estate Show.
6 Tips For Beating Other Offers
Today we’re talking about six tips for beating out other offers. With the spring market in full swing and the market is going crazy and there’s a shortage of houses, it’s very common for homes to have multiple offers on them and I want to give you the best shot. I have six tips to give you the best shot at getting the house.
Thinking About Becoming an Agent?
Thinking about becoming an agent? This episode is for you! If the thought has crossed your mind or you’re considering it, today’s episode is for you.
Today It’s All About Home Inspections
Today we’re talking about home inspections. What do you need to know about them, how does it fit into the process of buying and selling a house? We’re going to cover all of that and more today. We’re going to do a deep dive in home inspections. I’m looking forward to debunking some of the myths and just talking about this topic.
Thinking about Selling but you have Water in your Basement… What do you do?
So, if you’ve been around Central Wisconsin in the spring of 2019, you know that water in basements was a common occurrence for a lot of people and a lot of those people have never had water in their basement before. But just a crazy spring lead to water in the basement.
Commercial Lending With Guest Speaker Seth Wage – Peoples State Bank
Hey everyone, it’s Austin Solomon and welcome to The Real, Wausau Real Estate Show. Today we got our first guest on the show, Seth Wage!
How Do Realtors Get Paid
Today we’re talking about the age old question… the question I get asked a lot and I answer a lot, but that many agents just might shy away from.
How to Select an Agent to Sell Your Home
So you’re ready to sell your house, you’re thinking about down-sizing, moving somewhere warmer, maybe even somewhere colder… although I don’t hear that one often, or maybe your family is growing out of your current house, you need more space, or whatever it is, the home you had was great but it’s time to adjust to your needs and find a new place.
New Decade, New Year! Where Should First Time Home Buyers Start in 2020?
Today, we’re going to kick off 2020 with some tips for home buyers looking for their first house. It’s a new year, new decade, so where do we start?