5 Reasons WHY To Move In The Winter

5 Reasons WHY To Move In The Winter 

A lot of people shy away from moving in the winter months, but it DOES have some benefits you may have not considered.  

1. Less Buyer Competition.

In general, the majority of buyers in our area prefer to move when the weather is warmer or during the summer months when their kids may be out of school. With that said, if you’re able, moving during a slower time often means less buyers you’re competing against. In the summer a home that may have 4-5 offers, may only have 1-2 during the winter.

2.  Contractor Availability.

During the winter months most contractors seasonally slow down. For buyers that can be extremely helpful. If you end up having a home inspection and negotiating items for repair - you may have an easier time lining up the work to be done than during the busy summer months. On the flip side of that, exterior work may need to be escrowed and completed in the spring or summer that’s difficult to accomplish during the winter.

3. Seasonality / Busyness.

In general, winter is a great time of the year to work on indoor projects - painting, remodeling, organizing, etc. Most people spend more time indoors this time of year because of the weather and shorter daylight hours, providing an opportune time to settle into your home and “make it your own” before the busyness of life catches up with you in the summer.

4. Heating and Efficiency.

Most buyers appreciate home efficiency, to help reduce unnecessarily natural gas / electric utility bills each month. Touring homes during the winter months can be a better time of year to observe the efficiency of heat loss through windows, furnace function, proper insulation and other efficiency components of a home.

5. Agent Availability. 

As much as we love serving our clients well. In the summer months, we have to balance more showings and appointments during "our busy season". During the winter months, we can often spend more time during showings and dedicate additonal time in providing extra resources that can help our clients make an educated decision.

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