Holiday Decorating When Selling

It's right about this time, after Thanksgiving, that you're thinking about decorating for the holidays. This year, maybe you're thinking about selling your home... how much should you decorate? Do you still decorate like your normally would?

In my opinion, having holiday decorations isn't a bad thing. It's really warm and inviting and can help clients feel comfortable in your home... which is what you want as a seller! 

However, there are a few rules to follow, along with some tips and tricks when decorating around the holiday season, when you're planning to sell.

The biggest takeaway is it's ok to decorate, but you may want to slim back a bit. It's ok to enjoy the holiday cheer, but maybe don't put up the whole Christmas village or find the biggest tree for your living room as you possibly can. You may just want to slim back and follow the rule of thumb - "less is more".

One of the things to keep in mind as far as the exterior goes, you don't need to win the neighborhood exterior light competition. You can have lights and decorations, but don't want that to distract or detract from the homes natural features. Use lighting to enhance the exterior and create a warm, comfortable feeling that we all love around the holidays!

We hope you enjoyed this short walkthrough of holiday tips and tricks! If you have questions or are ready to sell this season, our team is ready to help. With low inventory levels, it's still a great time to sell, even during the holidays and winter months, serious buyers are looking to buy.

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