Low Cost Hacks to Modernize Your Home

Want to modernize your home, but with the increasing cost of repair work, keep it on a budget? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re diving into five easy low-cost hacks to modernize your home on a budget.

1.) Fresh Paint

In general, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for freshening up a room. Spend some time researching trending colors and design ideas. It’s common to see a pop of color on an accent wall, which may have less surface area to cover (both cost and time savings for you). Paint is inexpensive; however, choosing a quality paint is important for longevity and "cleanability" (don’t go cheap on your paint). In addition to wall colors, think about a fresh coat on your baseboard trim or window trim. You’d be surprised how far that can go. 

If you are feeling ambitious, try a wall paper accent or wood wall accent. That can add some character and dimension to a room, but may take a bit longer and be more costly, so plan accordingly.

2.) Update Hardware

Without changing your cabinetry in your kitchen or bathrooms, you can modernize your home by swapping out the hardware. Again, it’s relatively inexpensive depending on how many cabinets you have, and can really modernize a space. The important step here is understanding the current location of your knobs / hardware. In some cases, if you're relocating the placement, you may need to need an extra step to fill the existing hole and match that with a wood putty or paint product. Try to match the color finishes with your light fixtures and other plumbing accents - for example sticking with a slate black, chrome or gold finish to match your sink faucets, light fixtures, etc.

3.) Roll Out The Window Treatments

Modernize and freshen a space with updated window treatments. Whether that is new curtains / rods or maybe new blinds (more expensive), that can make a space feel more complete and adds functionality for additional privacy, and shade / temperature control.

4.) Simplify & Clean

Go through room by room and analyze if you need that item or if it’s something you can part with. A deep cleaning and simplification can leave you feeling accomplished and your home more modernized (virtually free - just labor intensive). Sometimes our sellers feel this way once they prep their homes for photography, they think it would have been nice to have done this more often while they lived there. You can do that now!

5.) Clean Up Your Landscaping

Outside of the home, do an exterior walk-around and analyze how you can “clean up” or simplify your exterior maintenance and landscaping. In many cases, less is more when it comes to landscaping. This may mean digging up some overgrown plants / scrubs and giving them away to clear space so you can see your rock / mulch beds.

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