Open Houses - Pros & Cons

Open Houses

We've seen quite a few of these lately... why is that and what are the pros and cons of each. Today, Lucca Tonelli, shares some insight on open houses in our local Central Wisconsin Market.

When the market is hot, open houses may not seem necessary; however, they are efficient for allowing mulitple parties through the home during a set time (often 1 - 2 hours). 

As a seller, it can be helpful to have an open house, depending on the price point of the home, to get the added marketing exposure online. Certain websites like / / etc. sometimes showcase / prioritze listings with an open house depending on their algorithm. 

It also captures that "newer" buyer audience that may be interested in looking for a new home, but hasn't yet found an agent to view via a private showing. 

As a buyer, it can be helpful to get out into the marketplace to start looking around without having to commit to moving quite yet. It's a great way to get an idea of the homes available in your area, and it is easy to just drop in during the open house time, with little to no extra planning / scheduling.

Negatively, sometimes you have buyers that are not serious at all about finding a home and are interested in "just looking" or "being nosey". That isn't ideal; however, if they are respectful as they walk through, it often doesn't cause any harm. 

If you are considering attending an open house, great! If you prefer a private showing, we're ready to help. f you are a seller looking at having your home held open, let us know. Our team is here to serve you.

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