Things to Consider When Buying A Home As a Pet Owner

In a recent study done by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) approx. 70% of Americans own a pet. We love our furry friends and when you’re looking for a home; what features set some homes apart in convenience and comfort for you and your pet.

  1. Fenced yard - if you own a dog (especially one that needs ample exercise) having a fenced yard is a must. If it doesn’t have a fence, verify with the local municipal code / covenants / restrictions that fences are allowed.

  2. Durable flooring - ideally you want to find something that is going to last the wear and tear of a pet. Traditionally solid-surface flooring - vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, tile and hardwood can sometimes be easier to maintain / clean vs. carpeting.

  3. Walkability - before or after your showing, go on a walk around the neighborhood. Do neighbors seem to have pets, is there a nearby park or field for playing in. These simple things make a difference in daily life.

  4. Exterior doors - are the entrances to the home secure and positioned in a way to allow convenience entrance in and out, without letting pets outside. This can be helpful when pets are young and may try to bolt out. Also, is there a backdoor that you can easily let your pup out without walking around the entire home… all things to consider

  5. “Busyness” - is the home located on a busy street with high traffic or a lot of noise. Some pets can get anxious from so much activity.

  6. Natural light - most pets like natural light. Especially during the winter when being outside isn’t ideal, sunlight & natural views help humans and animals alike when it comes to mood during the winter months.

  7. Storage space - let’s face it, as humans, we have a lot of stuff. When you have a pet, you have more “stuff” to store from food to cages, etc. Having ample storage space is important to keep things organized and keep personal items out of reach from your pets as well.

The list goes on and on! We hope these help you in your search for a home, while keeping your furry friend in mind too. 

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