Winter Tips When Selling

Selling a home during the winter in Central Wisconsin differs quite a bit from selling during the summer. During the winter, there may be a few extra steps to consider. We've put together a short tip list to help!

Tip #1 - Shovel around the home. Most clients like to get a good view of the entire home, including the exterior. Having a path shoveled around the perimeter of the home (including the deck / patio areas) can help prospective buyers get a good feel of your home's exterior.

Tip #2 - Make sure the main walkways are clear and salted. When it gets cold, it gets icy. Make sure the primary walkways (driveway, sidewalk, etc.) are clear and salted so prospective buyers can feel safe walking up to your home.

Tip #3 - Leave some extra lights on. During the winter, it typically gets dark around 4:30 pm / 5:00 pm. It can be welcoming to have some extra interior and exterior lights on for when prospective buyers arrive at your home. 

Tip #4 - Have a candle lit or pleasant aroma throughout the home. It can be dry and dull in the winter... having a fresh scent can make your home feel comfortable and warm... just the impression you want to leave with prospective buyers.

Tip #5 - Have an entry rug ready to go. This will allow prospective buyers to easily walk in and remove their shoes... less mess for you and easy process for buyers and agents alike.

Tip #6 - During cold / flu season it's not a bad idea to set out some hand sanitizer or Kleenex for prospective buyers coming through. You can also disinfect commonly touched surfaces, like door handles, counters, etc. before a showing to help reduce the spread of germs. 

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